Uninstalling ImageVault

To uninstall an ImageVault Core instance you uninstall the service with installutil /u, don't forget to include account networkservice and name of instance as parameters:


C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319>InstallUtil.exe /u /account=networkservice /name=Instance_Name C:\ImageVault\Core\Instance_Name\bin\ImageVault.Core.Host.exe


Remove the core folder and Imagevault database.

In addition, to perform a full uninstall, a few more steps are required.

Run the following command:


netsh http show sslcert


It will list all SSL certificate registrations, you can then remove the ImageVault one with the command:


netsh http delete sslcert ipport=


where XXXX is the port of the ImageVault according to your list (default port is 9901)

Run the following command:


netsh http show urlacl


This will list all URL reservations, you can unregister the ImageVault service port by running


netsh http delete urlacl url=https://+:XXXX/


and replacing XXXX with the port of the ImageVault instance.

You can also remove the firewall port configuration from windows firewall that is added by the installation, by going to control panel > windows firewall > Advanced Settings > Inbound Rules, and removing the entry with ImageVaultCore_XXXXX.