To check if core is working, navigate to the test image using the following url (change servername and port to the one you installed it to).




(Make sure you enter HTTPS as protocol in the url)

This should return a test image and not produce any SSL errors or warnings in the browser.

SSL warnings

You can get an SSL warning if one of the following conditions isn't met.

  • The name of the certificate doesn't match the URL to the site.


    If the certificate is created using the name and you navigate using https://myserver then you will get this warning.

    Be sure to update all references to the core address using the correct address (the same as the certificate) in all imagevault.client.config files.
    Beware that there exists two imagevault.client.config files, one for the UI (normally located at c:\imagevault\ui\<instanceName>\imagevault.client.config)
    and one in the client (EPiServer site, SharePoint site etc).
    Also check the imagevault.core.host.exe.config and look for the ServiceBaseUrl app settings key to make sure that the core server uses the correct address as well.

  • The certificate has expired or isn't valid yet.

    You can check the Valid from - to - for the dates when the certificate is valid. Normally, this isn't an issue for ImageVault certificates since these are generated with 
    a lifespan of 40 years.

  • The Issuer isn't trusted.

    If you open the properties window for the SSL certificate and go to the "Certification Path", you will see that some node in the certification chain isn't trusted.
    Since ImageVault creates it's own certificates and if you haven't replaced it with your own, you must add the ImageVaultDefaultRootCA certificate to the
    "local computer/Trusted Root Certification Authorities" certification store. This is normally done when installing the ImageVault UI/Core.
    You only need to install the root certificate on the servers directly accessing the core server (like the episerver web server). If you need to manually add it, it is located 
    in the c:\program files (x86)\EPiServer\ImageVault\<Version>\RootCA folder.


To enable logging, modify the log4net.config file to activate logging, preferable on DEBUG or ALL level.

Restart the server to capture any startup problems that might occur.