If you copy an ImageVault database between different environments, the URL to which you publish media will usually change.

For example, a developer ImageVault database might publish images to a site dev.example.com and that database is copied into test that uses test.example.com.

Or perhaps you just changed your URL and want to keep using the same ImageVault database.

In ImageVault, the site you publish your media to is called a Publishing Source.

For some ImageVault license types you are only allowed to have a single publishing source. In this case you need to modify the publishing source when a new URL is used, otherwise you will get an error when trying to publish images (stating that the limit of PublishingSources has been reached).

The list of publishing sources can be found in the ImageVault database, table PublishingSources. Take a backup of the database before modifying it and then simply change the Identifier value from the old URL to the new one.

Important! Make sure the URL ends with a '/', otherwise it will not match correctly! E.g. http://test.example.com/

When you have updated the entries, restart your ImageVault Core service and your website to apply the changes.

This information is also available in our documentation: Changing the name/binding of your site