How do I uninstall ProcessMap?

First unregister everything in EPiServer:
1. Go to admin in EPiServer. Select Config/Tools Settings/Plug-in Manager. Select "ProcessMapExtension". Disable everything below the Overview-tab and save.
2. Delete all pages of template type "ProcessMap default page". Delete the template "ProcessMap default page" and delete the corresponding template file (<webroot>/templates/PageProcessMap.aspx).
3. Remove the ProcessMap property on all templates where it exist. Delete the corresponding control (ProcessMapViewer) on all template definitions (.aspx-files).
4. Go to admin in EPiServer. Select Page Type/Manage Page Types/Edit Custom Property Types. Select the ProcessMap property and delete it.

Now you cannot find any trace of ProcessMap from EPiServer's point of view.

Then delete files and folders:
1. Delete the folder <webroot>/Extensions/ProcessMapExtension.
2. Delete the following in the bin folder of the site: the files "Se.Meridium.EPiServer.Extensions.ProcessMapExtension.dll" and "FlowChart.NET.dll" an then the folders "ProcessMap.Core", "ProcessMapEditor", "ProcessMapEditor.Core" and "ProcessMapEditor.Data".
3. Delete the file <webroot>/meridiumLicense.config if ProcessMap is the only Meridium product installed. If other products exists – edit the file by removing the Licenses-tagg concerning ProcessMap.

Finally clean up web.config:
1. Remove the section tag with the name attribute "processMapExtension" below the sectionGroup tag with the name attribute  "se.meridium.epiServer.extensions".
2. Remove the add tag with the name attribute "ProcessMapExtension" below the tag httpModules.
3. Remove the "processMapExtension" tag below the tag "se.meridium.epiServer.extensions".
4. Remove the thre location tags with path attribute beginning with "Extensions/ProcessMapExtension/…".