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Login to ImageVault core by MemberShip account


currently, to login to ImageVaultCore we have to use the account(iv4sdk) was created during install ImageVaultCore or using the command line "Add-IvClientIdentity -Username ...........".

so now we can import & use account from Window Membership or SqlMemberShip?

Beside that we see ImageVaultCore supports two Client types (sdkClient & currentUserClient), I understand that sdkClient can be created by the command line as above, so how to create & using the currentUserClient?



In most cases the ImageVautl Core service does not verify the user accessing the system. The responisbility for authenticating the user is put on the client accessing the service. 

The ClientIdentities/SDK account is used to secure the communication with the Core service. In most cases the SDK user have full access to all data.

However it is possible to impersonate the current logged in user, hence limiting the access rights to them.

Or if you want more information on how it is implemented under the hood.

If this does not allow you to achive what you want to do, please try to describe the use case for us to allow us to make better suggestions.


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That solved the problem. Thx!

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