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Support new Episerver 11 navigation in ImageVault connect for Episerver

When we install the Imagevault connect for Episerver (version 11.7.71) from nuget:

onto an Episerver instance running the new Episerver 11 version,

we still see the old global episerver navigation with the orange/red colours, instead of the new blue global episerver navigation.

Could you make the changes as mentioned in this documentation from Episerver to support the new navigation layout on the new version of Episerver?

Ah, i see you have included this in the release of versionĀ 11.8!

Will check this out, thanks!

Kind regards,

Kasper de Boer

Hi Kasper!

Thanks for pointing this out. We have made other adjustments to fit the new color scheme, but obviously not fixed the top navigation yet. I have added this to our backlog and we will make sure to implement this.

/Johan, Product Manager

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