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.NET 5 and 6 Support?

 With Optimizely starting to roll out support for newer .NET architecture, how is ImageVault going to be affected?

DI should work as before, but there will definitely be differences in dependencies.

We would love to get a timeline of where IV hopes to be as we move our solution.

We are currently working on a CMS 12 compatible version of the ImageVault.EPiServer.UI package.
Release will hopefully be in a month or two.

Hi Dan Händevik,

Do you have any news about connector for EPiServer 12. Missing image vault plugin stops us from upgrade to EPiServer 12.


Hi, Development is still in progress. Release will probably be delayed into 2022. We are currently in QA phase so the main part of the development has been done but we need to test it throughout.


Any updates on this?

We are in the final stages for the .NET 5 connector, hopefully we're closing in on a release the coming weeks. We have a beta Nuget feed available, if you're interested

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@robert, yes please. That'd be very useful!

The .NET 5 / CMS 12 packages have now been released and are publicly available on Our documentation has also been updated to reflect both the old .NET Framework packages and the new .NET 5 versions.